International Exhibition Energy BRICS & Sco



International Exhibition Energy BRICS & Sco is a great event that will be held in Ufa in Russia for four consecutive days. This show offers a great platform to all the professionals of the industry to come together and discuss about the new advancements and technological development that have been produced in the sector. The professionals will also get a good forum for sharing and discussing their ideas, opinions and information with each other. The event plays an important role in the improvement of the functions and performance of the industry associated with energy and electric. International Exhibition Energy BRICS & Sco will help the exhibitors to come in the forefront and have a wonderful opportunity to showcase their products and services in front of the large number of attendees who will be present at the show.

Organized by

Bashkir Exhibition Company

450080, Ufa, ul. Mendeleev, 158, Pavilion 3Ufa, Russia

Exhibitor Profile

The Ural Energy will exhibit the products and services that will include Energy, electricity, thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, Automated management of relay protection, automation and industrial controllers, The equipment for power stations and substations, production of electricity distribution networks and transmission, Standard transmission stations for district heating of industrial and housing community facilities, boiler and auxiliary equipment, Steam turbines etc.