Bullfighting in Spain

Bullfighting is the most customary of Spanish Fiestas. The Spanish individuals think of them as artistic expressions which are personally connected with their nation’s history, craftsmanship and culture. Weight bunches endeavor to campaign against bullfighting yet the King of Spain himself has professedly expressed that the day the EU bans bullfighting is the day Spain leaves the EU.

Bullfighting can be followed back to antiquated days. They were well known scenes in old Rome, yet it was in the Iberian Peninsula that these challenges were completely created by the Moors from North Africa who overran Andalucia in AD 711. Bullfighting formed into a ceremonial event saw regarding feast days, on which the overcoming Moors, mounted on very prepared stallions, stood up to and killed the bulls.

While bullfighting keeps up solid support in its heartlands of Madrid, Andalucia and Extremadura it has been banned in Catalonia.