Custom Declaration on Arrival



(For Foreign Nationals)

A. Data

1. Explorers are required to pronounce products in overabundance of allowed belongings

furthermore, obligation exempted consumable merchandise and resticted/precluded products and business

products at red channel.Travellers having such merchandise may utilize green channel.

2. Fare or import of narcotic,arms and explosives,wildlife and its items and

business merchandise are confined/prohobited.Attempt to import or fare of such products

may prompt confisacation of products, punishment and capture coming about indictment.

3. Voyagers are required to proclaim outside money at red channel if the total surpasses

US$2000 or equal.

4. Allowed utilized belongings are as per the following in condition to return back at the time

of flight:

1. Binocular one set.

2. Camcorder and still canera one set each.

3. Compact music framework one set,recorded media 10 pcs.

4. Fabrics and products of everyday utilize.

5. Perambulator and tricycle one set each.

6. Bike one set.

7. Watch one piece.

8. Cell phone one set

9. Proficient hand devices one set for expert work force.

5. Obligation exempted consumable products are as per the following:

1. Whisky/wine not surpassing 1.15 liters or lager up to 12 jars.

2. Cigarettes 200 sticks,cigar 50 sticks,tobacco 250 grams.

3. Camera film up to 15 pcs and motion picture film 12 reels.

4. Readymade and can sustenances not surpassing NRs.1000.00.

5. Pharmaceutical not surpassing Nrs.1000.00.

6. Crisp organic products not surpassing NRs.1000.00

(on the off chance that you have any query,please contact the traditions officer on obligation.)