Know some features of Obama’s car



It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you call American President Barak Obama’ auto the most secure auto on the planet. American mystery staffs calls it ‘The brute’. The slug evidence auto runs superbly notwithstanding when it’s tires are level.

Amid the outside voyage through president Obama, he auto was dependably with him for security. The auto is dark cadilac display and measures 3 tons and runs just 60 km/hour. In any case, it is extremely proficient as indicated by security. A unique individual of American Secret Agency CIA drives the auto. It is extremely uncommon. The auto can run easily notwithstanding when the tires impact amid a psychological militant assault and achieves it’s goal. Steel has been continued the external part of the auto. It has slug evidence glass and pump activity shot weapon has been kept in it for crises.

It’s cost is 3 hundred thousand American Dollars and it can confront an assault of rocket projectile. In the event that Obama gets shot amid a psychological oppressor assault, there is an office of him getting blood supply inside the auto. Blood that matches Obama’s blood gathering is constantly kept in the auto.