Sick from Cockroach then apply these things




Cockroach easily grow on our kitchen and bed room and they mostly exists on kitchen. There are varieties of chemicals in the market to k!ll this insect but they are harmful for our health and if there is small children’s at home than it is better to adopt the home remedies. Soap water With soap or shampoo water cockroach are easily k!lled, when this water reach to it’s body they cannot take out the air and they d!e. What to do? Prepare it on one bowl and spray it where there is cockroach.

They tries to run away, some d!es there. Spray it accordingly. It is better to use bath soap or dettole liquid on that spray. Bay leaf Cockroach runs away from the smell of bay leaf. One leaf doesn’t work for long so you need to change it weekly. Take soda and sugar in the bowl and add it and keep it on the place where cockroach exists. Sugar attracts them and soda k!lld them. You need to change it weekly.

Lwang This is good idea to chase the cockroach away. You can keep some powder of lwang where the cockroach will be run away from this idea. Kerosene Use of kerosene too help to chase away cockroach. You need to be careful while doing this.