The scene of New York was the same as Japan’s scene


This @tt@ck was held at 2001 September 11 and this is considered as black day over the world. This was a airplane @tt@ck where the world trade center turn out into ashes. This @tt@ck happened on morning 8:46 and Jet Air was been used on it. And after the @tt@ck in World trade Center the pentagon was also @tt@cked. On that attack it was tols that 19 terrorist were involved on which 15 were of Saudi Arab and other from UAE, Egypt and Lebanon. There were thousands employee at world trade center on that time.

Every country along with USA are strongly against on this incident. This incident was assumed to be done by terror!$t community Alkaida and they too accepted that they did this. Here is the video where you can see how the plane came and destroyed each and every thing that was present there. People were scared and they couldn’t even shout with pain which you can see through this video.