why taste of your tongue is getting tasteless ?

If the taste of your tongue is getting tasteless than what is the reason behind it.
1. Ageusia
There are many reason behind the things getting tasteless on which one is Ageusia. In this case tongue won’t feel any types of taste. This is the simple problem which might happen to anyone.
2. Burning mouth syndrome
This problem mostly occurs to female. On this case people will feel burn in mouth and lips and except this you will feel burn inside the mouth as well. The reason behind this problem is still unknown.
3. Wound in head
Head trauma makes the mouth tasteless. This will affect the CNS and due to this tongue won’t get any types of test. After the treatment of head this problem will be solved.
4. Lack of Vitamin-b
If there will be lack of vitamin-b12 than the tongue won’t be able to tatse anything. This problem will be known after the test of blood. This problem will be solves by the use of vitamin-b complex.