Pale Dai Sanga M@$t! Nepali Short Movie

In village most of the people cook their foods on woods, they collect lots of woods and then they settle it on their home and use it for long time to cook foods. Similarly here in this story too you can see a village life. One of the women while cooking food finds no wood to cook food, she gets in problem she feels like there will be no food if there will be no wood there won’t be food for them.


And she thinks of collecting the wood next morning but it was rainy season and it was hard to do it alone so she calls her friends and they talks for a while and plans about collecting woods even if it will rain so they plans for next day and after that the next day they goes for collecting wood and one of the women among them says that she will get little ahead so that she could get some woods and when she was cutting those woods the man came there and warn her and he had r*o@mnce for a while instead of woods and she agreed to do and they had r*om@nce there.