All must know about children


Bathing hair with h*ot water
Our ancestor used to bath with cold water, bathing with h*ot water increase the PH level in the head and this will led hair fall. So you shouldn’t make a habit of your child to bath with h*ot water.

Washing hand before and after food
Even if your child eat food with spoon you should make them wash hands, this will make the diarrhea, hepatitis and contamination nill.

Rinse mouth after eating
This habit will take out the small piece of food that is stuck in saliva and this will help to solve the problem of breathe.

Wash hands and legs as soon as you reach home
You should wash hands and legs after you get back to home. There will be many bacteria and virus stuck in the hands and this might cause various problems,

Light and pray
You need to make your child pray everyday. This will increase their memory power and helps to keep the heart healthy and solves the problem of depression.