Facts about Nepal

Nepali dances are very important for life, culture and traditions. It is also the good source of entertainment as well as an effective refresher. The movement of feet and body in the rhythm of song or music in a pleasing way is dance. The complement of dance is song and music. Mainly we can classify Nepali dance into two kinds, ‘classical and folk dances.’

1. Classical Dances: This type of dance is based on the ancient classic.
2. Folk Dances: This type of dance is based on flock songs and music.

Just scroll down to for the different type of classical and folk dances that are found in the different areas of Nepal.


1. Ghatu Nritya: The dance is popular among the Gurung community. Mainly 10-19 years girl performs the dance with their traditional customs singing the mantras.

2. Deuda Naach: This dance originally belongs to the Midwestern and far western region of Nepal. The dance id performed by forming the circle shoulder to shoulder and by holding hands of adjacent dancers. Nowadays this dance can be found in the other regions of the country too.

3. Chandi Naach: This dance is popular among the Rai community. Mainly at their great festival Undhauli and Unbhauli they perform the dance.