Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Bigg Boss 10 is getting grosser than before and this time, the most staggeringly appalling thing happened. Amid the captaincy errand, Om Swami peed in a glass and actually tossed it at Bani J, Rohan Mehra and few others. That is the means by which low he stooped to get back in the captaincy diversion. For the errand, two pyramids of small scale hinders with Bani and Om Swami’s photos are set in the garden region on a table. While the candidates are given an alternative to wreck the pyramid of the contender they don’t wish to bolster by tossing squishy balls at them to uproot it by remaining outside the fringe.

Bani and Swami need to secure their pyramids. They likewise have the freedom to assemble everything over once more. The contender with a most extreme number of squares remaining in a state of a pyramid before the end of the errand will be announced as the champ. After Swami loses seriously, he begins sulking as opposed to playing. And after that the unspeakable happens which rankles every one of the housemates. Some of them are really stunned that Swami can fall so low for an assignment. The housemates secure him in the correctional facility and demand Bigg Boss to toss him out of the house.